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Laboratory equipment

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1. Chemical Substance Analyzer

Spectro meter [a precision analyzer for metals]
  • Fe, Ni, Al, Cu, Zn, Ti, Co, Pb, Sn and Mg are detected and measured
    using luminescence assay
  • Manufacturer : OXFORD
  • Product name : Foundry-Master Pro
  • Management code : CA-02
PMI Tester (Portable alloy analyzer)
  • Ti(22) - U(92) are measured using a non-destructive (X-ray) method
  • Manufacturer: OXFORD
  • Product name: X-MET 5000
  • Management code: CA-01
관리번호 CA-02  (Spectro Meter)

Management code: CA-02 (Spectro Meter)

Air Test Machine

Management code: CA-02 (PMI Tester)

2. Spring Load Tester

  • The appropriateness of the spring is tested through a compression test
  • Weight: 4.9kN, 50kN(20kN), 196.1kN and 200N
  • Manufacturer: TEST MATE
  • Management code: UTM-01, 02
관리번호 : UTM-01

Management code: UTM-01

관리번호 : UTM-02

Management code: UTM-02

3. Video Meta

  • Two dimensional shapes are measured using a contactless method
  • Range of measurement: 250㎜*150㎜*250㎜(up to 30㎏)
  • Manufacturer: 3DFAMILY
  • Product name: VML250
  • Management Code: VM-01
Air Test Machine

4. Three dimensional measuring device

  • The measurements and form of the product are taken using three
    dimensional coordinates
  • Size: 600㎜*600㎜*500㎜
  • Manufacturer: Deokin Co. Ltd.
  • Product name: SIGMA665
  • Management code: CM-01
Air Test Machine

5. Measuring device for the roughness of the surface

  • A probe is used to measure the roughness of the surface on the
    processed item
  • Range of measurement: 800㎛(55㎜)
  • Manufacturer: KOSAKA
  • Product name: SE500
  • Management code: TS-03
Air Test Machine

6. Vickers hardness tester

  • The tester presses the material down to measure the
    hardness of the sample's surface
  • Test capacity: 2.942 ~ 490.3N
  • Manufacturer: Mitutoyo
  • Product name: HV-100
  • Management code: HV-01
Air Test Machine

7. Roundness testing machine

  • Rotating table type roundness testing machine
  • Range of measurement: Ø250㎜*200㎜
  • Manufacturer: TOKYO SEIMITSU
  • Product name: RONDCOM 31C
  • Management code: RMI-001
Air Test Machine

8.Coating thickness gauge

  • The thickness of the coating is measured after it is applied
  • Range of measurement: 0 ~ 1518㎛
  • Manufacturer: ELCOMETER
  • Product name: A456CNB-S1(for non-steel), A456CFB-S1(for steel)
  • Management code: PT-07/08 (for non-steel/ for steel)
Air Test Machine

9. Automatic pressure gauge

  • A chart is shown for the pressure during the tests on water pressure/ function
  • Range of measurement: 0 ~ 30㎫
  • Manufacturer: GRAPHTEC
  • Product name: GL820
  • Management code: APR-01
Air Test Machine

10. To be added later

  • 1) Automatic pressure gauge (0~1000bar)
  • 2) Ferrite content measurement device (FMP30)
  • 3) Ultrasonic hardness tester (SonoDur 3)
  • 4) Chemical substance analyzer (PMI Master Pro 2)